A 10-week online course on Sahaja Yoga meditation
Experience meditation ♡ Feel the peace within

29th of March – 31st May 2021, every Monday at 19:50 – 21.00

Let's experience the awakening of the Motherly energy within us and the state of thoughtless awareness - spontaneously. The main focus of the course is the experience of meditation, vibratory awareness, through guided meditation. We will share subtle knowledge of Sahaja Yoga, of our subtle system - chakras, channels, and their subtle qualities. We will also share simple Sahaj techniques on how to balance our subtle system and therefore deepening our meditation.

By the end of the course, We hope you could enjoy the habit of daily meditation and feel the benefit in your daily life. You can then join our free sessions on Tuesdays for those who meditate with Sahaja Yoga regularly.

We hope to meet you with a pure desire to find the true Self, which is full of peace, joy, and love for others. Together we will enjoy this journey within - to open our hearts and go deeper into our meditation. Our classes are suitable for everyone of all ages, no physical yoga, no prior knowledge or experience is required.

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Meditate online with We Meditate

Welcome to our international platform called We Meditate.

Here you can find out more about Sahaja Yoga; read about Shri Mataji, the founder of Sahaja Yoga; or dive into the subtle knowledge of our inner chakras and channels. We also have techniques and tips on how to improve meditation; and an interesting presentation on our Motherly energy – Kundalini, who gives us our Self-realisation and helps us to grow deeper every day in our meditation. Don’t forget to check out our meditation music collection too!

Here you can choose what type of meditation you want to do.

For example, you can choose a meditation to stress down, enhance your self-confidence, or just have a moment of relaxation.

We Meditate also has live meditations several times a week at 20.00. These are broadcasted on the Facebook page. Here you can also watch earlier meditations.